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Uptime Monitoring

Be the first to know when an API is down.

Team Dialogue
Keep Your Team in the Loop

Your customers shouldn’t be the ones telling you about downtime and breakages. Runscope supports the notification tools you already use, like PagerDuty, Slack, HipChat, email, webhooks and more.

Built-in integrations with the most popular notification services
Support for multiple webhook notifications
Threshold-based downtime alerts—fewer false positives
Monitor private APIs with the On-Premises Agent
Product Dashboard
Get an At-A-Glance View of API Health

Proactively monitor service performance to quickly catch and debug API problems fast. Stay ahead of intermittent failures before they become major issues with the API Dashboard and daily API Performance Report.

Monitor public & private APIs with our 12 global cloud agents or on-premises agent (macOS, Linux & Windows support)
Success ratios and endpoint response time dashboard
Connect with powerful third-party analytics solutions like Datadog, Splunk & New Relic Insights

Uptime and performance are vital to us. Runscope reduces development time and ensures optimal performance of our API at all times.

Sara Cowie, Head of Customer Acquisition, Syncano

Data Validation

Verify that your APIs are returning the right data.

A Simple Tool for Monitoring Complex APIs

Verify that the structure and content of your API calls meets your expectations. Powerful and flexible assertions give you total control over defining a successful API call.

Add simple assertions for JSON and XML data
Validate HTTP headers, status codes and response bodies
Build advanced programmatic validations using JavaScript & Chai Assertion Library
Chained Requests
Validate Your API Workflows

Create simple monitors with dynamic data for even the most complex use cases. More than simple string matching, build API validations without any code and use them across local dev, staging and production environments.

Build chained requests with simple template syntax
Insert dynamic data into requests like IDs & timestamps
Create monitors by importing Swagger/Open API & other formats

Runscope verifies that Human API is returning the right data, even for multi-step workflows and chained requests.

Ola Wiberg, Co-founder and VP of Engineering, Human API


Catch key API transaction failures when they happen.

Slack Integration Hipchat Integration
Payment API: 401 Unauthorized
Alert 100th match detected
Notification sent to #devops
Graph of recent API traffic with Alert matches.
Sample Alert: Payment API - 504 Gateway Timeouts
30d 30d 1d 1d 1h 1h
Monitoring Monitoring Paused
Alert matches since last acknowledged
Last Acknowledged
Hipchat Integration
Slack Integration
Complete Logging for Alert Matches

Runscope logs live API traffic and notifies you when it detects key API transaction failures and exceptions in near real time. Trigger alerts based on flexible criteria and drop into any application without having to write any code.

Works with any API
Flexible alert criteria, including header values & JSON or XML data
Logs full HTTP request and response data with live updates, comparisons & more
Stay Notified without Flooding Your Inbox

Get an at-a-glance view of your most important API calls with custom interactive dashboards. Runscope keeps you informed but saves your inbox with automated escalation, notifying you when the 1st, 10th, 100th, 1,000th and 10,000th matches are detected.

Customizable alerts dashboard
Integrates with HipChat, Slack, Flowdock, email & webhook notifications
Smart escalation ensures you don’t miss API issues


Solve API problems as a team.

Work Across the Entire Development Lifecycle

Runscope lets your whole team easily create monitors for even complex APIs. Seamlessly build monitoring into your existing workflow to automatically notify the right team the second problems occur. For custom integrations and in-house tools, leverage the Runscope API.

Plug in to Jenkins and other continuous integration tools
Notify your team via integrations with Slack, HipChat, PagerDuty & more
Fully integrate into your workflow with the Runscope API
Centralize Visibility into API Performance

SaaS API monitoring centralizes all your API validations into one accessible platform. Reuse your monitors for each stage of the development lifecycle and execute checks against local, staging and production environments. Even people outside of your team can help solve API problems with shareable results that don’t require sharing your credentials.

Visibility for your whole team with centrally managed monitors
Reuse and execute checks against multiple environments
Create shareable links to instantly collaborate
Get Started Now

The ability to integrate Runscope into the communications channels our engineers use most often adds tremendous value, and allows us to respond to API failures much more quickly.

Cory Watson, Principal Infrastructure Engineer, Keen

API Traffic Inspector

Quickly diagnose integration headaches.

Request Response
Actionable API Traffic Logs

Get a comprehensive record of all of your API traffic and track down troublesome API calls with live search. Quickly debug problems by peering into the details of every request and response. Runscope works with both public and private APIs, in any language.

No code changes required
Any API, public or private
Full request & response data
Compare requests side by side
Request Comparison
Debugging Tools at Your Fingertips

Replay any request with one click, and compare requests side by side. Share request and response data to collaborate with anyone outside of your team.

Shareable links for requests
Organize results with collections
Anything over HTTP
Performance & usage metrics

Since we began using Runscope, our average support time is a fraction of what it used to be. When a partner reports a bug, we can fix it immediately.

Troy Miller, API Product Manager, uShip

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