Runscope Mission

Runscope was started with the idea that depending on a web service API in a mobile or web application should be as easy as depending on code running locally. We've assembled a team of API, infrastructure and developer experience experts to build tools to support the modern application development lifecycle.

The Team

Robert Krimen


Robert likes writing software that solves problems. He is a fan of Go and JavaScript, but has a soft spot for shell scripting and Perl.

Cass Malloy


Cass makes art, costumes, and now software. She’s been everything from UI designer to stagehand and loves learning how things work behind the scenes. Once she got locked in a Bruegger's Bagels while filming The Dark Knight Rises. You can find her around the internet as giantspatula.

Gracie Gutman


Gracie self-identifies as a lifelong learner, an avid outdoors person, and a software engineer. Her path to programming was a rambling one, which included a music degree, a lot of open courseware, and an all-girls engineering fellowship called Hackbright Academy. She's a big fan of developer tools and services that help her make sense of the inscrutible. When she's not poking at some technology, you might find her romping outside, strumming a guitar, or ogling someone else's dog and wishing it were her dog.

Justin Klemm


Justin is a long time software developer. A true craftsman at heart, he left his management role in 2013 to freelance and reinvigorate his passion for coding. Soon after, Justin launched Ghost Inspector, an automated UI testing service, which was acquired by Runscope in Fall 2014. When he's not hacking away, Justin can usually be found roaming Brooklyn in pursuit of the perfect old fashioned.

Garrett Heel


Garrett is a software engineer who came all the way over from Australia to join the Runscope team. He previously worked with a large company's transition to AWS and is passionate about automation and developer tools. In his spare time you can usually find him binge-watching TV shows, playing sports or despondently searching for a flat white.

Jon Wilfong


Jon is a software sales professional who loves talking about APIs. Prior to Runscope, Jon wrote custom test automation frameworks at Cisco and sold API Management services at Mashery. When he’s not talking to you about your company’s API strategy, Jon likes finding good food, watching football and strumming Ukelele covers. If you’re reading this, he wants to chat with you!

Alison Lloyd


Alison is a voracious crafter, reader and bargain finder. A natural organizer of both people and offices, with degrees in History and Library Sciences, she has honed that skill working everywhere from libraries to golf courses. Alison can regularly be found going on urban adventures and cheering for that other bay area baseball team. She knows nothing about API testing. Yet.

Collin Fry


Collin is a graphic designer joining us from his most recent position at Apigee. He is excited by the creative process and designing for the ever changing world of digital media. Collin also has a background in furniture making and fine art, which inform his designs. When he is not thinking about design problems you can probably find him at the beach, surfing or wishing the waves were better.

Eric Tsai


Eric is a graphic designer and his background covers a wide breadth of design, but he specifically loves working on user interfaces and creating awesome user experiences. Prior to coming to San Francisco, he was part of many Canadian startups creating everything from websites to mobile apps. In his spare time he enjoys collecting cameras , traveling to far off places, and staring into the water at night. But what he really should be doing is catching up on all the unread books he bought.

Matthew Ginnard


Matt is a designer and snowboarder. He's either pushing pixels or code, or finding his way to the trees, mountains, and lakes of Northern California. Matt comes to the team with a background in Design and Graphics Communication. He is passionate about documentation, APIs, and designing experiences deeper than just interfaces. Prior to Runscope, he was responsible for designing API developer tools at Apigee, and product documentation localization at Apple.

Alex Cyphus


Alex makes up the British cohort of our Support Team. His focus is on helping everybody get the most out of Runscope. His experience is in support, QA, and product training. Alex is also passionate about minimalist design and architecture, films with IMDB scores over 7, gaming with friends, walking with purpose but no destination, and the web. Oh, and anything manufactured in the United Kingdom.

Audrey Kwong


Audrey is a self-professed organization junkie and problem solver. She enjoys bicycling and logic puzzles, although, not at the same time. She has admittedly taken a circuitous path through the tech realm where she has performed roles in technical documentation/training, software QA, and technical solution implementation. At this stage in her career, her main focus is having an impact on building practical developer tools.

Ashley Waxman


Ashley is a passionate and strategic communicator who loves getting the word out about developer tools and APIs, in the most grammatically correct way possible. Prior to Runscope, Ashley built and launched multidisciplinary marketing programs at Mashery and managed technical accounts at Highwire PR. Ashley holds a master’s degree in mass communication studies from Boston University. On the weekends, you can find her baking, practicing French and galavanting.

Ryan Park


Ryan is responsible for all of the cloud infrastructure at Runscope. Prior to Runscope, Ryan worked at Pinterest, where he led technical operations while the site became the fastest-growing social network in recent memory. Ryan has spoken at conferences including AWS re:Invent and O'Reilly Fluent, and was recognized by Amazon Web Services as an AWS Community Hero.

Stephen Huenneke


Stephen is an avid bicyclist, furniture builder, homebrewer and platform engineer through and through. After working at several small companies Stephen helped design, build and launch HubSpot's platform including its APIs and App Marketplace. Stephen then moved to the Bay Area and has most recently been working at Opower building their internal platform technologies.

John Sheehan


John is co-founder and CEO of Runscope with over 15 years of experience working in a wide variety of IT and software development roles. As an early employee at Twilio, John lead the developer evangelism program and worked as a Product Manager for Developer Experience. After Twilio, John was Platform Lead at IFTTT working with API providers to create new channels. John is also the co-host of Traffic and Weather, an API and cloud podcast.

Yaron Sadka


Some engineers write code all day but Yaron would rather share his knowledge of developer tools instead. Yaron's number one goal is making sure clients succeed in building the best products possible with the tools and libraries available to them. His excitment extends beyond the world of tech as he loves roaming vineyards in Napa, cheering for his beloved LA Kings, and acquiring new stamps in his passport. You should also check out his podcast, Road to Growth .

Frank Stratton


Frank is part engineer, part tinkerer, and part rock climber. He loves building software tools and services and has been doing so for nearly a decade. Prior to becoming co-founder and CTO of Runscope, Frank served as technical lead for the Twilio API Team where he was responsible for the design, architecture, and scaling of the Twilio REST API. He is also a co-creator and maintainer on an open-source framework for building REST APIs, Flask-RESTful.

Neil Mansilla


Neil is a software developer, platform evangelist and loves a good hackathon. He most recently worked at Intel Mashery, where he was the lead evangelist and managed developer platform partnerships. Prior to Mashery, Neil has founded several Web and software companies in industries ranging from search, e-commerce to real estate and healthcare. He is the co-creator/maintainer of I/O Docs Community Edition, an open-source interactive API documentation tool.

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