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Runscope API

The Runscope API provides access to data in your Runscope account. This document describes how to authenticate to the API and the resources available. If you have any problems using the Runscope API contact us at


Request Format

All requests to the API are sent over HTTPS and use the following base URL:

Response Format

Responses are returned as JSON data in the following format:

     "data": { ... } or [ ... ],
     "meta": { ... },
     "error": { ... } or null

Response Attributes

data Contains the actual response information for the resource you are accessing. It will either be a JSON object or JSON array depending on what the resource returns.
meta Contains other extra information about the response. This could include paging information for lists, warnings/errors information, links to other resources, etc.
error Contains information if the there was an error with your request. This includes a longer description, error codes, and links to more information in our docs. If the request was successful, the error attribute's value will be set to null.


All requests to the API require a valid OAuth 2 access token. You can generate an access token using the Web Authorization Flow or use the one that is automatically created for your account when creating a new application. Read the full Authentication docs for details.

Request Format

To make request an authenticated request to the Runscope API send the Authorization header with the access token value:

Authorization: Bearer <access_token>

Content-Type Header

For API resources where JSON object data is sent in the request body, the 'Content-Type' header is required.

Request Format

When sending data in the request body, send the data type in the 'Content-Type' header:

Content-Type: application/json


Check out the Resource Guide to learn more about each API resource.

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