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API Test Results Retention

Each Runscope API test retains a limited amount of history:

  • The full step (HTTP request/response) details are stored for the last 100 successess and the last 100 failures.
  • Test result summary information (pass/fail, no step details) is stored for the last 1000 test runs.

To view a result from the dashboard, you may access the details of the last 100 successful and failed test runs from each test's Results page, or by clicking on the individual results in the "red/green" Latest Results bar on the Overview page. You may also retrieve additional summary history up to the last 1,000 test runs via the API.

To store results in a system of your choosing (e.g. S3) for longer retention, set up a webhook notification listener and store results as they are generated.

For more advanced analysis of results over time, connect Runscope with an analytics provider like Splunk Cloud, Datadog, Keen or New Relic Insights.

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