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On-premises Agent: SSO Login Error

In case your team has Single Sign-on (SSO) enabled, your login credentials won't work on the command-line for the Runscope agent.

Follow these steps to manually create a configuration file that you can use to run the agent:

  • Create a Personal Access Token:
    • 1. Browse to your Runscope Applications.
    • 2. If you don't already have an Application, click the "Create Application" button in the upper-right corner and fill in the details to create your new application. The "Website URL" and "Callback URL" fields can be filled in with placeholder values such as: http://www.example.com. Save your changes.
    • 3. Open your Application and scroll to the bottom of the page until you reach the "Personal Access Token" section, and copy the "Access Token" value. You'll be pasting this into your On-Premise Agent "radar.conf" config file in a later step.
  • Create the Agent configuration file:
    • 1. Create a new text file named "radar.conf" in the same directory where you've saved the On-premise Agent.
    • 2. Copy the following contents into your "radar.conf" file (make sure that you don't have any blank lines or LF/CR characters).


    • 3. Replace the "your_auth_token" value in the "radar.conf" file to the "Access Token" value that you copied in the previous steps.
    • 4. Replace the "your_team_id" value. You can find your team-id by visiting this link and then viewing the details for your team. The team-id is then available in the URL of your browser.
    • 5. Optionally, you can also change the agent "name". That is the name that will appear for your agent in the "Locations" drop-down menu. Save your changes when you're done.
    • 6. Run the On-premise Agent specifying the newly created "radar.conf" config file. For example, here's the command for Windows: runscope-radar.exe -f radar.conf

If you run into any issues with the steps above, please contact support.

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