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On-premises Agent: Remote Agent Expired

If Runscope is unable to communicate with your agent regularly, test results that attempt to use that agent will be marked as Remote Agent Expired. Here are some steps you can follow to help debug this issue:

  • Make sure that you're running the latest version of the agent. You can check the agent version by running it with the --version flag, and you can download the latest version here.
  • Ensure that your agent is actively communicating with Runscope by inspecting the output of the agent. You can use the --verbose flag when running the agent to get a more detailed output.
  • If the agent is unable to communicate with Runscope, verify it's general ability to make outbound HTTPS requests to https://api.runscope.com and https://www.runscope.com. Check our Agent Connection Errors and HTTP/HTTPS Proxy Setup articles for more information.
  • If the agent is successfully connecting to Runscope, but you're seeing intermittent issues with your test runs, two common causes for this are:
    • If the agent output includes the following message: [ERROR] No open slots for work, that means your agent is trying to run more tests than it can handle. To fix this, update your configuration file to use threads=50.
    • If you're not seeing the error message above in the agent output, the issue might be that the agent is having trouble connecting to Runscope in a timely manner. This could be caused by multiple reasons, such as an increased latency in the server's network, for example. To fix this, update your configuration file to use disconnect-timeout=15. That setting determines how long Runscope will wait before considering the agent offline, so increasing the timeout can potentially fix the issue. The only drawback for increasing that value is that when you turn off the agent, the UI will take longer before showing it as offline.

If your tests continue to expire after following the steps above, please contact support.

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