Real-time API Monitoring

Catch API call failures and exceptions with Runscope Live Traffic Alerts.

Slack Integration Hipchat Integration
Payments API: Failed Charges
Alert 100th match detected
Notification sent to #devops
Graph of recent API traffic with Alert matches.
Sample Alert: Payment API - 504 Gateway Timeouts
30d 30d 1d 1d 1h 1h
Monitoring Monitoring Paused
Alert matches since last acknowledged
Last Acknowledged
Hipchat Integration
Slack Integration
Flexible Alert Criteria

Trigger alerts based on any part of an HTTP request or response including header values, JSON or XML data, connection details and more. Combine rules to catch even the most specific conditions.


Monitor traffic from both public and private APIs using the cloud-based global traffic gateways or the on-premises gateway agent. Collect traffic from custom sources using the Runscope API.

Notifications for Your Team

Make sure your team is the first to know about triggered alerts with HipChat, Slack, PagerDuty, email, or webhook notifications. Once an issue is solved, acknowledge an alert to get notified the next time it is triggered.

Save Your Inbox with Smart Escalation

With automated escalation, Runscope will notify you when the 1st, 10th, 100th, 1,000th and 10,000th matches are detected to ensure that you don’t forget when API issues are occurring without flooding your inbox.

Complete Logging for Alert Matches

Every matching request is logged to view and share with your team. Inspect the full HTTP request and response data with live updates, comparisons and more.

Customize Your Alerts Dashboard

Get an at-a-glance view of the performance of your most important API calls by building interactive dashboards for any number of alerts.