Two-Factor Authentication

At Runscope, security is our top priority. We value your data and always make sure that it’s safe, secure and available only to authorized users. With Two-Factor Authentication, you identify yourself in Runscope with both your password and a token retrieved from your mobile phone or other device.

We support the following methods for two-factor authentication:

  • SMS
  • Authy
  • Google Authenticator
  • Other TOTP-compliant apps

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

On your profile page, select 'ON' for Require Two-factor Authentication. Enter your mobile phone number, and you will receive an SMS with an authentication token. You will need to enter that authentication token on your profile page to authenticate your mobile phone.

Anytime you sign back in to your Runscope account, you’ll be prompted for an authentication token.

Authy App

We recommend installing Authy and using it to retrieve your authentication tokens. It's more secure than SMS or voice calls, it's easier to use with desktop and mobile apps, and its easy to recover your Authy account in case you change numbers or lose a device.

To get your Runscope access tokens through Authy, you will need to install Authy, create an account, and link your phone number to it. After that, go to your Runscope profile page, set two-factor authentication to "On", and use the same phone number linked to your Authy account.

After clicking on "Verify Phone Number", you should get an Authy push notification with your authentication token. Use that in the next text field, press "Save Changes" and you're all set.

Google Authenticator (QR Code)

You can also set up your account's 2FA using Google Authenticator and other TOTP-compliant apps that require a QR code. To do that, follow the steps in the first section "Enabling Two-Factor Authentication". After you have confirmed your phone number, you should see a new section appear named "QR Code". Click on "Generate QR Code", scan it with Google Authenticator or any other authentication app, and you're all set.

Changing Your Phone Number

You can change the phone number associated with your Runscope account on your profile page. You will need to re-verify the new number, either through SMS or the Authy app.

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

To disable Two-Factor Authentication, turn Require Two-factor Authentication to 'OFF' on your profile page.

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