Two-Factor Authentication

At Runscope, security is our top priority. We value your data and always make sure that it’s safe, secure and available only to authorized users. With Two-Factor Authentication, you identify yourself in Runscope with both your password and a token retrieved from your mobile phone or other device.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication

On your profile page, select 'ON' for Require Two-factor Authentication. Enter your mobile phone number, and you will receive an SMS with an authentication token. You will need to enter that authentication token on your profile page to authenticate your mobile phone.

Anytime you sign back in to your Runscope account, you’ll be prompted for an authentication token.

Authy App

If you enable 2FA, we recommend installing Authy on your phone or computer to generate access codes. If you don't have the app installed, we'll send an SMS to the mobile phone number specified.

Changing Your Phone Number

You can change the phone number associated with your Runscope account on your profile page. You will need to re-verify the new number, either through SMS or the Authy app.

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

To disable Two-Factor Authentication, turn Require Two-factor Authentication to 'OFF' on your profile page.