Runscope Teams allow you to share your buckets and request data across a group of people. When signing up for Runscope, everyone is given a personal account. You may join an unlimited number of teams which will all be available to you under a single sign in.

Creating a Team

To create your first team you can either create one from scratch or upgrade your personal account to a team account. All team accounts require a paid subscription plan.

Inviting Team Members

After creating your team you can invite people to join it. Select the team you'd like to invite members to from the Teams list. Enter the email addresses for the people you would like to invite. If they don't already have a Runscope account they will be able to create one while accepting the invite.

Team Owners vs. Members

Every team has one member designated as owner, initially set to the person who created the team. Team owners have a few extra capabilities over regular team members:

  • Change the team's subscription plan and update billing information.
  • View billing transaction history.
  • Invite/remove team members.

All other capabilities (viewing data, making requests, creating buckets) are available to all team members.

As team owner you can transfer ownership of a team to another member at any time. From the team detail page, select the new owner and click 'Change Owner'. Careful, you won't be able to undo this yourself.

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