The Traffic Inspector has been discontinued.

Existing accounts will have access until June 19th, 2018.

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Sharing API Requests and Responses with Others

Requests can be shared privately with other members of your team. You can also share requests with people outside of your organization by creating a Shareable URL.

Creating a Share Link

Create a shareable URL for a request by selecting the link icon from any request in a stream view and clicking Create Shareable URL. Once the shareable URL has been created it will be displayed for you to send to others.

Sharing a Runscope request

The shareable URL is virtually impossible to guess. However, because it is publicly available be sure to only share it with people you trust.


Comments can be added to requests from the request's permalink (visible to team members or those with the shareable URL if it is shared). To post a comment, make sure you are signed into your Runscope account and enter the comment text on the left. The commenter's picture used for the comment stream is pulled from Gravatar. If the request is shared, comments are visible to anyone with the shareable URL, whether they are signed in or not.

If you're signed in to Runscope, you have the option to subscribe to and receive an email notification when a new comment is added to a shared request.

To toggle email notifications on or off, click the  Subscribe to comments or  Unsubscribe from comments link below the list of comments on any shared request. By default, email notifications are turned off. Each subscription is independent—turning notifications on or off for one shared request won't affect any other request.

Viewing All Your Shared Requests

The Shared stream view will show you all of your requests that have had shareable URLs created. You can quickly revoke a shareable URL from this view.

Unsharing a Request

The shareable URL for a request can be revoked at any time by selecting the link icon again and clicking  Unshare Request.