Response Playback

Response Playback makes it easy to test your code against a known response. By replaying the saved response, you can test to make sure that your code handles the status, headers and data returned from a given API call without the possible side effects of actually making the call.

You can playback the response for any request you've previously made through Runscope. Once the desired response is in your stream, expand it to find the Response Playback URL option. In your integration test code, replace the original URL with the Response Playback URL to generate the same response on demand.

You can optionally use an HTTP header named Runscope-Playback-Id instead of the URL parameter, specified with the same value.

Playback and Data Retention

Since requests are automatically pruned once a bucket reaches its storage limit you should make sure to add any requests that you would like to keep around for playback into a Collection. See Buckets: Request Retention for more information.