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Service Regions

Map of Runscope Service Regions

Runscope operates servers in different regions around the world to reduce the amount of time it takes to execute requests. When you make a request to, your traffic will be sent to the Runscope gateway server closest to your client. If there is a service interruption in the closest region, your request will automatically be sent to another region that's operating normally.

You can send your request to a Runscope server in a specific service region by adjusting the URL to include the code for the target region. This can be useful if you want to use the Runscope server closest in geographic proximity to the API you're calling.

For example:

curl -X POST -d "hello=world"
curl -X POST -d "hello=world"
curl -X POST -d "hello=world"

To create region-specific Gateway URLs from the dashboard, use the URL Helper.

Available Regions

Runscope currently operates servers in these regions:

Region Code Location Provider Hostname
  Automatic (default)
us1 US Virginia Amazon Web Services
us2 US California Amazon Web Services
us3 US Illinois Rackspace
us4 US Texas Rackspace
us5 US Oregon Amazon Web Services
eu1 Ireland Amazon Web Services
eu2 Germany (Frankfurt) Amazon Web Services
au1 Australia (Sydney) Amazon Web Services
sg1 Singapore Amazon Web Services
hk1 Hong Kong Rackspace
jp1 Japan (Tokyo) Amazon Web Services
br1 Brazil (São Paulo) Amazon Web Services
in1 India (Mumbai) Amazon Web Services
us6 US Ohio Amazon Web Services
ca1 Canada (Central) Amazon Web Services
eu3 London Amazon Web Services

Which service region should I use for my API calls?

When possible, use the standard domain without specifying a service region. This way, your requests will be served by the nearest service region, no matter where your client is located. If there's a service interruption in the nearest region, your request will automatically be rerouted to another region.

Depending on your traffic pattern, you may find it's faster to use the service region that is closest in geographic proximity to the API you are calling.