The Traffic Inspector has been discontinued.

Existing accounts will have access until June 19th, 2018.

Read the full announcement for more details →


Viewing API Call Details

The Traffic Inspector allows you to view the API calls you've collected in your buckets. Available under Traffic in the Dashboard, each request in the stream shows complete request and response data (URL, querystring parameters, form data, status, etc.) by clicking to expand an entry.


For each request in the stream view there is a set of actions available for that request. Here are the actions you can take on requests from within a stream:

  • Organize - Add the request to a test (see: Radar) or collection (see: Collections).
  • Edit & Retry - Open the Request Editor pre-populated with data from this request.
  • Retry - Execute the request again using the same request data and compare the original and new request data.
  • Links - View private URL to share the request with members of your team, or create a shareable URL to send to others outside your team.
  • Delete - Permanently delete the request.


For each request in the stream a set of indicators is displayed based on the request and response data:

  • Response status code was 2xx.
  • Response status code was 3xx.
  • Response status code was 4xx.
  • Response status code was 5xx.
  • There was a network error while making the request.
  • The request took longer than 1000ms to complete.
  • The request took longer than 3000ms to complete.
  • Request was made over plain HTTP.
  • Request was created using Request Capture.


You can annotate any request in a stream by adding a note to it. Hover over the request you want to edit and click on the 'Add note...' text that appears. Once you are satisfied with the content, hit enter, tab or click anywhere else on the page to save the value.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Traffic Inspector streams can be browsed using the keyboard with these keystrokes:

  • j  move selection to next request in stream
  • k  move selection to previous request in stream
  • Enter  expand or collapse selected request details
  • /  focus the cursor in the search box
  • ?  show keyboard shortcuts

Default Stream Views

All Traffic

The All Traffic stream view shows you the most recent requests made and stored in the current bucket.


The Collections view shows you requests you've organized into collections. Within a collection you can retry a set of requests in bulk using the Retry All button.


The Errors stream view displays the latest requests in the selected bucket stream that meet either of the following conditions:

  • The response status code was 5xx.
  • The request failed or otherwise didn't complete. This is typically due to an error with the network connection to the API being called (e.g. DNS resolution failed or the hostname did not respond).
This view is only available for customers on a paid plan.


The Shared stream view gives you an overview of all requests in the current bucket that have had a shareable link created. From this view you can quickly revoke shared link for any previously shared request.


The Captures stream view shows you a filtered list of requests that were generated using Request Capture. This view is only available for customers on a paid plan.