The Traffic Inspector has been discontinued.

Existing accounts will have access until June 19th, 2018.

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Error Reference

If you are having trouble making requests through Runscope you may receive a Runscope Error Code. Below are the possible error codes and steps to help debug them.

Error Code: 50000

Error Contacting Host

There was an error contacting the host. This could be a temporary connectivity error between Runscope and the remote host or it could be an error in the hostname. The error response also contains "more details" specific to the error that occured.

Error Code: 50001

SSL Error / SSL Timeout

There was an error verifying the SSL connection to the remote host. Make sure the SSL certificate for the host is valid, not expired, and properly signed. If you are making requests to a host using self-signed or otherwise untrusted certificates you may turn off SSL verification in your bucket settings). Note: turning off SSL Verification reduces the security guarantees of traffic between Runscope and the remote host. See our security page for more information.

Error Code: 50002

DNS Resolution Error

There was a problem resolving or otherwise connecting to the remote host. It is possible the DNS name you are trying to reach is not correct, or the remote host is rejecting connections. Check the "more details" section of the response for more specific error information.

Error Code: 50003

Invalid Host Name

You may have mistyped the Gateway URL. Gateway URLs require you to use dashes (-) instead of dots (.) in the original hostname with your bucket key. See: Getting Started for more information or try the URL Helper in your dashboard.

Error Code: 50004

Restricted Host Name

You are atempting to send traffic to an invalid or otherwise private hostname/IP address. Please check the Gateway URL and change it to a valid hostname. If you're having trouble constructing a valid Gateway URL try our URL Helper in your dashboard.

Error Code: 50005

Invalid HTTP Response

The responding server did not return a valid HTTP response.