Accounts, Billing, Plans and Subscriptions

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How does the trial for new accounts work?

When you sign up for a new Runscope account you are automatically given a free, no-obligation trial. No credit card or payment information is required when signing up. During the trial period you may use the full extent of your account features. After the trial expires, if you do not subscribe to a paid plan your account will be deactivated.

How are accounts on paid plans billed?

Once you have upgraded to a paid plan from either a free or trial account your billing period will begin immediately and your credit card will be charged for the first month. Your usage counter will also reset to zero. Each subsequent month after the first you will be charged the monthly plan rate, plus any overages from the previous billing period (see overage billing info below).

What happens when I switch between plans in the middle of a billing period?

When switching to a different plan, a credit will be issued for the time remaining in the billing period on the current plan, and a pro-rated charge will be processed for the new plan for that same amount of time.

If you are over your request limit and upgrade to a bigger plan, your overages will be re-calculated based on the new plan's limits. If the newly-selected plan limits are greater than your usage for the current billing period, the overage charges will not be incurred. If your usage is over the new plan's limits, you will be charged for the overages on your next billing date.

How are overages billed?

Upon reaching the request limit within a given billing period, additional requests will incur an overage charge per your current plan. Accumulated overages will be billed on your next scheduled next billing date, or upon closing your account. You will receive an email warning when reaching 80% and 100% of your plan's limit.

If you are on the free plan (or another plan that does not support overages) new requests and test runs will not be accepted once you reach your plan's request limit. You will need to upgrade your account to continue uninterrupted service.

I have a large team or need to make a lot of requests. Can I get a custom plan?

Absolutely! Feel free to email our Sales team at any time to discuss your options.

Can I pre-pay or pay with something other than a credit card?

Most likely. Get in touch.

Can I get a receipt for my payments?

When a payment is processed for your credit card, the owner of the team will receive an email receipt listing the plan charge and any additional overage charges for that payment. Team owners can also view historical receipts, add additional information (like VAT numbers) to receipts and specify additional billing contacts from within their account dashboard by selecting 'Billing Information' for their team.

Can I add additional information (like a VAT number or tax ID) to my receipts?

Yes. If you are the team owner, select 'Billing Information' from your team page, then enter the information you'd like included on receipts in the "Additional Receipt Information" field. After saving your changes, scroll down to the transaction list and click 'View Receipt' to print a copy with the additional information.

How is my credit card information handled?

All credit card information is transferred securely over SSL to our PCI-certified payments provider and is not stored in our servers or databases.

How do I close or delete my account?

Contact our customer support team and we'll close your account right away.

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