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The root resource returns an object with links to other resources.




Data Attributes
bucket_list_url The URL for this account's list of buckets. See Bucket List.
current_account_url The URL for this account's detail resource. See Account.
Sample Response Data
    "data": {
        "bucket_list_url": "",
        "current_account_url": ""
    "meta": {
        "status": "success"

Other Resources


Create, modify, delete and view API tests and results.

Steps Create, reorder and modify test steps.
Environments Create and modify test and shared environments.
Schedules Create and modify the scheduling of tests.
Results View the results of test runs.
Account Information about the authorized account.
Buckets Details for the buckets available to the authorized account.
Integrations Details for the 3rd-party connected services.
Regions Information about the available Service Regions.
Teams Information about the members of a team.

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