Integrating Runscope API Monitoring with Zapier

Zapier automates interactions between the services you use. The Runscope Zapier app connects your Runscope account data with over 250 other services including Jira, BitBucket, Asana, Trello, New Relic, Twilio SMS, HipChat, Campfire and more.

'New Completed Radar Test Run' Trigger

This trigger fires on the completion of any API test (formerly known as 'Radar test') that has the associated webhook URL (provided by Zapier when creating the zap) registered with it. This is useful for receiving notifications of completed or failed test runs.

Using Filters to Trigger Only on Failed Test Runs

By default the trigger will execute on any completed test run. You can limit the trigger to just failed test runs using filters.

Example Zaps


Triggering API Test Runs with Zapier Webhook App

Zapier provides a generic 'Webhook' app for executing HTTP requests as an action for a zap. In combination with an API test's Trigger URL, you can initiate test runs from your zaps.

Example Zaps