Integrating Runscope API Monitoring with Slack

Slack is group chat and IM built for teams.

Setting up Slack

From Slack, go to your account's App Directory and add a new Runscope integration:

Slack App Directory website showing the Runscope app info page.

Select the Slack channel in which you want to receive Runscope notifications:

Slack App Directory website after clicking on Install on the Runscope integration page, showing a drop-down menu to select a channel.

Scroll down to the Integration Settings section, and copy the Webhook URL to your clipboard:

Slack App Directory website showing the configuration page for a Runscope integration. Highlighting the Webhook URL section.

Setting up the Runscope Integration

Now head back to your Runscope account, click on your profile on the top-right and select Connected Services:

Runscope connected services.

Find Slack in the list and select Connect Slack:

Runscope Connected Services list showing the Slack option.

On the settings screen, paste the Slack Webhook URL from the previous steps and enter a Channel Name (that is just for reference and to help differentiate between multiple Slack integrations). Select your notification preferences and click on Connect Account:

Runscope Slack integration setup options.

For the final step, go to a Runscope API test, open the environment settings, select Integrations, and activate your Slack integration:

Runscope test with the environment settings expanded and the Integrations tab selected.

Save your test, and you're all set up! Test result notifications should now be sent to your Slack channel:

Slack chat interface showing a Runscope notification.

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