API Monitoring & Testing: Custom Script Libraries

The Runscope Script Engine supports custom scripts and libraries uploaded by your team. Each library can be individually enabled on a per-environment basis.

Custom Script Libraries require a qualified plan. Check your plan or contact us to get started.

Uploading a Library

Custom Script Libraries belong to a team. From your team list, select "Script Library" to manage previously-uploaded libraries and to upload new ones.


To ensure the performance and security of your tests, custom script libraries have a few limitations. Please review the Script Engine Technical Details and Limitations to learn more.

Each uploaded library has a maximum size of 1MB.

When scripts are processed built-in variables, functions and libraries are loaded first, followed by custom libraries. You may overwrite built-in functionality in your custom libraries and scripts, but doing so is unsupported and may cause unexpected results.

Enabling Custom Libraries in Environments

After a library is uploaded you can make it available to scripts by enabling it in an environment. Expand the Environment editor at the top of the test editor and select "Script Libraries" to toggle custom libraries on or off. Enable only the scripts required by tests using the environment. Enabling many large script libraries may impact the run-time performance of your tests.

Example Libraries

We maintain a GitHub repository of scripts that have been tested working with the script engine. Have a script you think may be useful to others? Submit a pull request!

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