API Monitoring & Testing: Scheduling Test Runs

Tests can be scheduled to run on frequencies up to every minute. One ore more schedules can be configured per test with each schedule using a unique Test-specific or Shared Environment.

Test schedules require a paid Runscope subscription.

Configuring Schedules

To set a schedule, select one of your API tests and then click Schedule. Every schedule requires an environment and frequency. You can create up to 10 schedules per test.

The scheduled test runs will begin immediately after saving your changes. For example, if you choose "Every 15 minutes" and save your changes, a test run will begin immediately and then the scheduled test runs will occure every 15 minutes afterwards.

Schedules only affect the scheduled tests Runscope runs on your behalf. You may initiate as many test runs as you like (up to your plan's request limit) via Trigger URLs or manually in the dashboard.

For custom schedules (for instance, at a specific time), use your preferred scheduler (like cron) along with a Trigger URL.

Other Automation Options

To run your Runscope API tests on every commit or deploy, check out Trigger URLs and CI integrations.

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