Integrating Runscope API Monitoring with PagerDuty

PagerDuty provides on-call schedule management, alerting, and incident tracking. When connected to Runscope, API tests runs that result in a failure will trigger a PagerDuty incident. The incident is automatically resolved when a test run passes. This is useful for monitoring your APIs or backend services and knowing immediately when one fails.


  • From your Runscope profile page, select 'Connected Services'.
  • Select 'Connect PagerDuty'.
  • Sign into your PagerDuty account, then enter a name for your service (or choose an existing service) and choose an escalation policy.
  • Enable the PagerDuty integration for API tests by selecting 'Integrations' from Environment settings. For Traffic Alerts select 'Integrations' from the Alert editor.

Additional configuration instructions can be found on PagerDuty's Runscope Integration Guide.

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