Integrating Runscope API Monitoring with Microsoft Teams

This integration is a preview and subject to change.

Setting up Microsoft Teams

First things first, log in to your Microsoft Teams account. We recommend creating a new channel for our monitoring notifications, as sometimes people in different teams might be interested in being notified of any API errors.

After you choose which channel you want to send notifications to, select the "Teams" tab on the left-hand side, hover over your channel, click on the ". . ." symbol, and select "Connectors".

Microsoft Teams channel options drop-down

You should see a new window with a list of multiple connectors. In our case, select the "Incoming Webhook" option and click on "Add".

Microsoft Teams channel connectors menu

In the next screen, you can select a username and a profile image for the notifications. In our case, we'll just use "Runscope", and set our logo as the image.

Microsoft Teams incoming webhooks connector setup

Note: click here to download our logo.

Finally, the last thing you have to do is just copy the Webhook URL that Microsoft Teams generates for you.

Microsoft Teams incoming webhooks connector url

Setting up the Runscope Integration

Now head over to your Runscope account. After logging in, click on your profile picture on the top-right and select "Connected Services".

Runscope connected services

You should see all the integration options available for your Runscope account. Look for the Microsoft Teams options and click on "Connect Microsoft Teams".

Runscope connected services, Microsoft Teams option

In the next page we have three fields:

Runscope integration setup
  • Webhook URL: paste the URL you got from the Microsoft Teams webhook configuration here.
  • Channel Name: you can add multiple Microsoft Team connections to the same Runscope account. The name can help you distinguish between multiple connections.
  • Notifications: select when you want to be notified after test runs are completed.

After you fill out all the fields, click on "Connect Account"!

Now, for our final step, we just have to activate our notification for our tests. Head over to the API tests you want to monitor in your Runscope account, and select "Editor" on the left-hand side.

Click on your environment settings to bring down the full options menu, and select "Integrations". Finally, click on the toggle for the Microsoft Teams service we just connected, and you're all set!

Runscope environment settings, integrations toggle

If you chose to get a notification whenever your test runs are completed, you can just click on "Run Now", and you should see a notification pop-up in your Microsoft Teams channel similar to this:

Runscope notification example on Microsoft Teams

Having trouble configuring Microsoft Teams? Contact our support team.

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