Integrating Runscope API Monitoring with HipChat

HipChat is group chat and IM built for teams.


  • From HipChat, create a Notification API Token for v1 of the API and copy it to your clipboard (requires admin access to your HipChat account).
  • From your Runscope API test, select 'Integrations'.
  • Select 'Connect HipChat'
  • On the settings screen, enter the notification API token generated above.
  • Enter the name of the room you would like to send messages to. The name must match exactly.
  • If you are using HipChat Server (self-hosted), enter the host name of the server instance. Note: when using a custom server name, SSL certificate validation is disabled. This allows you to use self-signed certificates for your hosted instance.
  • Select whether or not to send a message for all test runs, all failed test runs, or after a certain number of consecutive failures for a specific location. Additionally you may chose to post messages when a test returns to a successful state.
  • Select whether or not to trigger a notification for the messages that are sent (notifications on HipChat cause the tab color to change, a sound to be played and a 'toast' to be displayed).
  • Click "Connect Account" to complete the integration.

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