Integrating Runscope with Datadog

Datadog provides a monitoring platform that tracks and scales with your dynamic cloud infrastructure. When connected with your Runscope account you can create Events and Metrics to use in your Datadog dashboards and alerts.

Connecting Your Accounts

  • From your Datadog account, Create an API Key and copy it to your clipboard.
  • From your Runscope API test, select 'Integrations' and then 'Connect Datadog'.
  • On the settings screen, enter the Datadog API Key generated above.
  • If you need different Datadog settings for individual tests (e.g. send events on some test runs, metrics on others) you can go through the connection process multiple times and enable each individual connected service on a per-test or per-bucket basis.


When the option to create Datadog Events is selected a new event will be created for each test run. The event will be tagged with the bucket, team and test information.


When the option to create Datadog Metrics is enabled, metrics will be created for the test run as a whole, along with each individual request step within a test.


  • Total assertions passed/failed/defined
  • Total variables passed/failed/defined
  • Total scripts passed/failed/defined
  • Total response time (ms) for all requests
  • Pass/fail counter (either 1 or 0)


  • Assertions passed/failed/defined
  • Variables passed/failed/defined
  • Scripts passed/failed/defined
  • Response time (ms)
  • Response body size (bytes)
  • Response status code

Each test run and request metric will be tagged with information about the test, environment, bucket and team. Additionally, test run metrics are tagged with the status of the run while test request metrics are tagged with the requested URL and HTTP method.

You can disconnect Datadog at any time by disconnecting the service in your team's settings.

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