API Monitoring & Testing: Test Behaviors

Each test-specific or shared environment can have separate settings for test behaviors.

Retry on Failure

When enabled, an additional test run will be triggered immediately after a failed scheduled test run. Only one new test run will be initiated per failure (failed re-runs will not re-run again). When combined with notifications set to use thresholds (e.g. notify after N failures), Retry on Failure can reduce notifications for false negatives (e.g. intermittent network issues).

Stop on Failure

When enabled, test runs will stop executing after the first step that fails. All subsequent steps will be skipped.

Use Cookies

When enabled, cookies will automatically be passed between requests in a test run. Cookie handling behavior is similar to a web browser, so cookies will follow typical domain, path and expiration rules. Cookie state is not persisted between test runs.

Validate SSL

Select this option to enable strict validation of SSL certificates for all HTTPS connections established when this test runs with the selected environment. If you're using a self-signed or other untrusted SSL certificate, deselect this option.

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