API Monitoring & Testing: Analytics

Runscope supports integrations with powerful 3rd-party analytics tools to help you track the performance of your APIs over time.

Connecting with Splunk Cloud

Connect your Splunk Cloud instance to build custom dashboards and perform detailed analysis of your API test results.

Learn more in the Splunk Cloud Integration Guide.

Connecting with Keen

Keen is a powerful API-based analytics platform. Once connected to your Runscope tests, details of each test run, and each request within a test run are sent to a collection for later analysis.

Learn more in the Keen Integration Guide.

Connecting with Datadog

Datadog provides a monitoring platform that tracks and scales with your dynamic cloud infrastructure. When connected with your Runscope account you can create Events and Metrics to use in your Datadog dashboards.

Learn more in the Datadog Integration Guide.

Connecting with New Relic Insights

New Relic Insights gives you real-time software analytics. Combined with Runscope, you can build extensive API performance dashboards and run ad-hoc queries against your aggregate API performance data.

Learn more in the New Relic Insights Integration Guide.

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