The Traffic Inspector has been discontinued.

Existing accounts will have access until June 19th, 2018.

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Live Traffic Alerts: Notifications

When an Alert matches a request, you'll want to know what happened. Runscope supports a variety of notification options, including popular 3rd-party services, to make sure you're the first to know when there's an issue with your important API calls. Each Alert will send a notification after the number of unacknowledged API call matches exceeds the thresholds of 1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 and so on.

Acknowledging Triggered Alerts

After an Alert is triggered, it will begin sending notifications on the 1st, 10th, 100th, 1,000th, 10,000th, ... matches. Once you have identified the issue you can Acknowledge it to reset the match counter. When new matches are detected the alert will re-trigger and notifications will be sent again.

Email Notifications

You can customize which people on your team should receive email notifications after each threshold is passed. Select the alert for which you want to configure notifications, then select the individual people or the Notify All option in the Email Notifications tab. To send to additional email addresses (like a distribution list) or people, add them to your team.

Webhook Notifications

After each threshold is exceeded Runscope can send an HTTP POST request with the following format to the URLs of your choice. In the alert editor, select the Webhooks tab then add as your newline-seperated URLs.

Webhook Request Data

POSTCallback URL(s)

    "action": "match",
    "alert_url": "",
    "alert_id": "76598752-cbda-4e1d-820f-6274a62f74ff",
    "alert_name": "Requests With Error Bodies",
    "bucket_key": "bucket_key",
    "bucket_name": "Grace's Bucket",
    "total_count": 12345,
    "current_count": 10,
    "count_last_30_days": 1123,
    "count_last_day": 101,
    "count_last_hour": 45,
    "team_name": "Grace Hopper's Team",
    "last_acknowledged_at": 1384281308.548077,
    "last_acknowledged_by": "Grace Hopper"

Slack, HipChat, and Other Notifications

You can receive notifications in your team's preferred communication tool by connecting it to Runscope then enabling notifications in the Integrations tab of the Alert editor. Traffic Alerts currently support sending notifications to the following services:

Get more information on integrating your 3rd-party services with Runscope